Spectrum Series

Harry Bird for Vernon Kilns

The Spectrum Series covers a broad range of geometric patterns and abstract designs. It’s actually unknown which patterns belonged to the Spectrum group, although collectors generally include designs in the B3xx series, Multi Flori California, and Tahiti. The Spectrum family name was identified from magazine ads produced around 1936-37.

300 Series

The 300 series represents a wide range of geometric patterns and designs.








Multi Flori California

As noted in the Nelson book on Vernon Kilns, Multi Flori was included as part of the Spectrum Series since pieces in the pattern been found with both the Multi Flori California (monochromatic) and B327 (polychromatic) versions. Known colors include green, brown, yellow, orange, blue and maroon on an ivory background.


Found in several different colorways. Known patterns include Polychrome A, B and E. Likely there was a C and D pattern as well. Polychrome features a bright glaze block pattern on the rim.

Polychrome A

Polychrome B

Polychrome E


The Tahiti pattern resembles the Multi Flori pattern with filled in details. The blue plate marked “Tahiti C” has also been found in a rose and ivory combination. There may also be a Tahiti A and B pattern.


A simple green wreath design available in white and avocado.